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Tim Lawson

Move from a PC to Mac

in Technology
Apple Mac

Two years ago I decided to move from PC to an Apple iMac as my main desktop computer. So with 24 month of use behind me, what are my thoughts on this operating systems and hardware setup which is loved by so many?

The mechanics of a move from pc to Mac is very easy. As a Dropbox pro user it was a straightforward job to download the application and wait for the files to sync across the wifi network. I used a Nas box to transfer large file groups such as video and music.

Loading the standard office and graphics applications proved hassle free, opting for MS Office and some Adobe tools. I added some of the must-have apps such as: Evernote, Handbrake, Skype, VLC and Audacity.

Microsoft Office applications are not as good on the Mac as PC. Excel in particular has proved to be very frustrating with some functions needing to be relearned as MS seems to have changed shortcuts just for the sake for it. However, after a lot of use I am now finding it Ok and would probably find it strange going back to the PC version.

The biggest difference anyone making the PC/Mac change has to cope with are the little ‘quirks’ that are pure Mac. For example, the lack of a Delete key on the short keyboard and the need to still close the application after the windows have been closed.

Probably the best thing about the Mac is the way that, together with an iPhone and iPad, the Apple ‘ecosystem’ brings everything together in a way that is impossible with the PC. It really takes your personal computing to a new level.

After two years of the Mac, I would never go back. However, anyone changing does need to invest some time in learning the Apple way of doing things in order to get the best from the system.

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