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Tim Lawson

Sailor Alex Thomson has filmed another of his super cool yachting stunts, this time walking to the top of a 30m mast while out at sea and heeling over dramatically.

Great video on YouTube shows the whole thing.

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I am a prolific user of Evernote. For those who are not familiar with the product, it is a cloud based virtual ‘notebook’ which is available on all popular platforms. With the capability to hold text, graphics, sound and other documents there is not much you can’t put into a note.
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Do you believe that making experienced staff redundant would help your organisation achieve cost reduction goals? There are many arguments for and against this stance and it can be a tough decision when a company is faced with cutting their cost base significantly.
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Apple Mac

Two years ago I decided to move from PC to an Apple iMac as my main desktop computer. So with 24 month of use behind me, what are my thoughts on this operating systems and hardware setup which is loved by so many? [click to continue…]

Customer relationship Management

The use of Customer Relationship Management systems by SMEs varies widely. Often this is dependent on the industry or sector they are in but perhaps these days, all businesses should consider what they need in terms of tracking and maintaining their customer relationships. [click to continue…]

For a long time I had been looking for a better financial accounting package. The Sage range of products are cumbersome to use for a non-accountant and have to be installed on a single PC. Multi-company and multi-user versions of Sage are very expensive. What I needed was a cloud based system which could be accessed from anywhere and by other users who have the necessary permissions.

After an extensive search I settled on ‘Kashflow’. It is an extremely easy to use, cost effective and built for small businesses who do their own accounts.

As a cloud based solution, the software can run on any platform with a browser and be accessed by anyone with permission. There is a separate accountants portal which enables you to give permission for your advisers to access the data when completing annual accounts.

kashflow2Kashflow are a UK based organisation and seem to have an excellent community of users who push for new functionality and updates. Weekly backup files are sent via email which, while hopefully not really necessary, provide an element of reassurance for those who are not comfortable with no data on their local computer.

After several financial years of Kashflow I would never go back to Sage. I find it pitched just right for small business owners who would rather run their business than struggle to learn accounting software.

See the site www.kashflow.co.uk for more details and give it a try. New subscribers will get a £1/month discount off of the £18/mth cost by clicking this affiliate link (I also get a small benefit).