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Tim Lawson

iTunes 12 missing mini-player

in Technology

With the recent launch of iTunes 12 it is easy to think that a previously well used function is missing. The ability to shrink the application to a small ‘mini-player’ via a minimise button, positioned top right, seems to have gone.

Several people have asked me for support on this so hopefully the explanation below will help.

When the normal minimise button is used, iTunes 12 shrinks down to a task-bar player which is not as functional as the mini-player.

Good news is that the mini-player is alive and well, just that Apple have put the control for it in a very illogical place. The button is hidden on the album cover graphic at the top of the main player.


When the mouse hovers over the album artwork a small box appears which when clicked reduces iTunes to a mini-player.


In another attempt to defy logic, you get back to the full size iTunes again by clicking the ‘X’. This is confusing as traditionally the ‘X’ is used to close the application.


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