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Tim Lawson

Evernote… notes forever on any platform

in Technology

I am a prolific user of Evernote. For those who are not familiar with the product, it is a cloud based virtual ‘notebook’ which is available on all popular platforms. With the capability to hold text, graphics, sound and other documents there is not much you can’t put into a note.

I have the Evernote client installed on my desktop (Mac) computers, iPad and iPhone. I also use the web based version when I am working away on a PC. The ability to sync instantly between the various clients is so useful, meaning that you can start a note on the mobile and then finish it at home when at the desktop.

PDF’s and Paperless

Evernote enables you to insert a PDF into a note which it then OCS’s and indexes. This means that the search is very powerful and makes it virtually impossible to lose your information. The whole set up provides an excellent platform for going paperless.

An account is free to set up and a ‘pro’ option is available which provides more features and a higher upload limit.  See the Evernote web site to download and try for free.

Post-It Notes again

As of late 2013, Evernote have breathed new life into Post-it Notes. The app, in conjunction with the iPhone camera lets you take photos of Post-it Notes which it then recognises. Evernote identifies the colour, extracts the handwriting and places it onto a digital representation of the paper inside a note. See the Evernote blog for more details.

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