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Tim Lawson

Dropbox…. my most used software

in Technology

I originally became a fan of ‘Dropbox’ back in 2010. For those who are not users of this clever software, its a cloud based file storage service which syncs across all your devices, Mac, PC, iOS and more.

One feature that really interested me in the early days was that you were able to share specific folders to other Dropbox users, wherever they happen to be. In this way, it became like a network ‘shared drive’ that’s always available and not dependent on all the users being on the same LAN.

After several years of development, Dropbox is getting better and better. Its apps on iOS and Android are excellent, giving access to all your files from virtually anywhere. They now have a business solution designed to remove the need for servers and other storage devices in SME organisations.

Best of all, the basic Dropbox service is free and there is a scheme where you can increase your free space by referrals. This account gets you a rather small 2gb of space but paid accounts receive 1TB! Follow the link below to learn more and to get additional space when you sign up for a free account.