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Tim Lawson


With the recent launch of iTunes 12 it is easy to think that a previously well used function is missing. The ability to shrink the application to a small ‘mini-player’ via a minimise button, positioned top right, seems to have gone.

Several people have asked me for support on this so hopefully the explanation below will help.
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Great video of a Clipper race yacht knock-down in the Southern Ocean. Bet there were a few bruises afterwards!

This happened in November 2013 after the crew had left South Africa, heading into the Southern Ocean. The poor helmsman is knocked over and the crew demonstrate the importance of being strapped on.
See the video


As part of my paperless drive I scan and destroy all my credit card and till receipts. Today I had an item to return to my local DIY store so searched and found (thank you Alfred) the receipt PDF, printed it out on A4 paper and went back for a refund.
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Sailor Alex Thomson has filmed another of his super cool yachting stunts, this time walking to the top of a 30m mast while out at sea and heeling over dramatically.

Great video on YouTube shows the whole thing.

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I am a prolific user of Evernote. For those who are not familiar with the product, it is a cloud based virtual ‘notebook’ which is available on all popular platforms. With the capability to hold text, graphics, sound and other documents there is not much you can’t put into a note.
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Do you believe that making experienced staff redundant would help your organisation achieve cost reduction goals? There are many arguments for and against this stance and it can be a tough decision when a company is faced with cutting their cost base significantly.
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