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Tim Lawson

I am looking to recruit a mobile app developer. Ideally able to work across different mobile development languages with experience of native/cross-platform. Needs to be UK based and able to work in North London.

Many thanks for any contacts you can give me who fit the above profile. Please make contact using the usual methods.

I am now offering two packages of project management training through Lawson Consulting. Firstly, the course ‘Project Management for Business Managers’ is a one day training event focussed on developing project management skills in those who run projects as just part of their day to day role.
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I originally became a fan of ‘Dropbox’ back in 2010. For those who are not users of this clever software, its a cloud based file storage service which syncs across all your devices, Mac, PC, iOS and more.
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With the recent launch of iTunes 12 it is easy to think that a previously well used function is missing. The ability to shrink the application to a small ‘mini-player’ via a minimise button, positioned top right, seems to have gone.

Several people have asked me for support on this so hopefully the explanation below will help.
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Great video of a Clipper race yacht knock-down in the Southern Ocean. Bet there were a few bruises afterwards!

This happened in November 2013 after the crew had left South Africa, heading into the Southern Ocean. The poor helmsman is knocked over and the crew demonstrate the importance of being strapped on.
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As part of my paperless drive I scan and destroy all my credit card and till receipts. Today I had an item to return to my local DIY store so searched and found (thank you Alfred) the receipt PDF, printed it out on A4 paper and went back for a refund.
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